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Facebook-HeaderWelcome to Author Mingle’s new website. Typically a website gets started first, but for us we got our start on Facebook. We started Author Mingle Facebook Page on October 2012.  We had no idea the growth, likes and support that would be created over the last seven months. We have over 7,500 Likes on our Facebook page.

Over the past few months, there has been a request to create a website. Facebook doesn’t allow for easy search for our posts based on its format. Many of you want to search through the site to see older posts for information, but it is a hard process.

We created this website so we can start tagging posts by category and keywords. This will allow you to search the site for information to help you publish your book and get news on the publishing industry.  We have a lot of older Facebook content still to load, but everything moving forward will be tagged and categorized on authormingle.com.

We are also excited to bring you a talented group of bloggers who all have writing, editing and book publishing experience. They will work to bring you valuable information and helpful advice.

We want to make this a website that will help the author community connect, share and learn. We appreciate all the support and advice you give to us to make our Facebook a success.  We now ask you to do the same for our (your) website. We want authors to be able to hang-out and mingle with one another. Please contact us with your feedback so we can continue to improve Author Mingle for you!


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Author Mingle helps new and experienced authors with book publishing industry news, how to publish your book, how to market your book and more. We focus on the traditional, self-publishing and do it yourself technologies. We search for newsworthy information to help authors understand what is happening in the book publishing industry.