Matthew Arnold Stern

Matthew Stern 108 x 108BIOGRAPHY

Hello, I’m Matthew Arnold Stern. I’ve been writing professionally since 1983 as a novelist, technical writer, publicist, scriptwriter, and journalist. I’m also a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and have won a number of awards for public speaking and technical writing.

I write to educate people, spark their passions, and inspire them to work towards a more just and humane world. In my fiction, I write about characters who struggle to free themselves from their limitations, especially the ones they impose on themselves. In my public speaking books, I offer practical advice to help you become a better speaker. When you read my works, you will get information you can use and stories that will stay with you for a long time.

To learn more about me, please visit and follow me on Twitter at @maswriter.


I self-published my first novel, Offline in 2005. This novel is about a single mother trapped in a merger gone wrong. She must contend with a staff that doesn’t trust her, a coworker she is falling in love with, an untrustworthy boss, and Bartleby — the enigmatic employee with a dangerous secret.

My second novel, Doria is set in an impoverished South American country during the 1970s. Six-year-old Carla Guzmán finds herself orphaned by her country’s violent revolution. With the help of a teenage rebel and a communist general, she struggles to survive the dangers of the Cold War. But she and her fellow citizens find themselves making a difficult choice that can either save their country or lead to World War III.

My best-selling public speaking book, Mastering Table Topics provides 500 Table Topic questions and step-by-step instructions on how to form a well-organized and powerful answer. This is an invaluable resource for speakers who want to improve their impromptu speaking skills.

You can find my books at most online booksellers or visit my Amazon page. For more information about me, please visit and follow me on Twitter at @maswriter.