Wanda McCormick

Wanda McCormick 108-x-108-ImageWanda McCormick, Published Author, Fitness and Power coach of Power By Choice LLC, Social Media Coordinator on book project.

I have published short memoir pieces that are sad, vulnerable, exciting, humorous and all me.



My published pieces:

Pathway to Courage a story that covers span of when I was 7, molested by an uncle to when my oldest daughter was 7 and molested by her father, a heart breaking self-realization of direction my life was headed until I broke the repeating generational patterns.

You have much stuff is about the stuff we carry, we keep physically, mentally and emotionally and our relationship with not only our stuff but the makeup of relationships within the household. It’s a humorous story that everyone will connect with and ponder.

Fuego a poem inspired by a painting and Emotional Release – Two fires in two years. Realizing my emotions was buried deep when our house caught on fire and released when I saw the flames from Waldo Canyon Fire. We were next to be evacuated. I was caught by surprise by what I felt.


Submitted and accepted:

Evolving with my Nemesis is a story about facing my own worst enemy ME, a piece everyone can connect with no matter where they are in their journey.

 Who rescued who? A touching piece on the relationships between the pets I’m honored to have loved.


Wanda McCormick’s Website and Facebook Pages:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wanda.mccormick

Website - www.wandamccormick.com