Brick Walls, Writer’s Block, Inspire Me, Motivate Me Please.

Filed in Writing Tips and Techniques by on June 11, 2013 inspires and motivates you to write? If you are thinking about writing a memoir or personal essay’s like I do, my inspiration comes from life, my life. Will others believe it’s worth reading about? I believe so. Some may not and I accept that rejection is a big part of being a writer. I write to help others discover that life is full of changes, just roll with it, learn from it and discover what inspires you. That presents even more challenges. I have to create hooks in each story I write in order to suck you, the reader into my life. My goal is to make you feel like you are in the room with me or even better if you feel like you are me, living the story.  Fortunately, I have many stories and can fill a book or two. I still hit a brick wall, hard, fast and splatter like a water balloon.

I started writing a few years ago about fitness and my inspiration came from a few of my favorite local fitness gurus. My motivation came in the form of deadlines in the magazines and newspapers I wrote articles in. I then started writing about women’s fitness and how we are so emotionally attached to the outcomes of our exercise and diet programs. My inspiration came from EmpowHer magazine, E-zine articles and all websites I write for as a Women’s Health and Fitness expert. Each of those sites came with their own deadlines. The quality of my writing improved and becoming more professional was my motivation.

I decided about 3 years ago to move to Colorado and I had to build my fitness training business from scratch again so I joined some networking groups.  I also decided that I wanted to write a women’s health and fitness book. I found that I was still telling others almost two years later that I was in the process of writing my own book. Several women I knew through networking were actually writing books while I was still in the process. One of those women presented an opportunity for me to be published in an anthology.

Getting published in a book became my new inspiration. The deadline was midnight New Year’s Eve 2012. At 11:59pm, I was nervously pushing the enter key to submit my personal story. I had no idea that I would become a published contributing author in three anthologies and two more submitted in less than 9 months. Of course I am still in the process of writing my own book. My inspiration now comes in the form of acceptance letters. What motivates me now is the fact that each published story is part of my work in progress.

Discover your inspiration and motivation. What are you passionate about? Write what comes naturally to you so you don’t have as many brick walls to hit or writer’s block to face.

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Wanda McCormick

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Wanda McCormick, Published Author, Fitness and Power coach of Power By Choice LLC, Social Media Coordinator on book project. I have published short memoir pieces that are sad, vulnerable, exciting, humorous and all me. My published pieces: Pathway to Courage a story that covers span of when I was 7, molested by an uncle to when my oldest daughter was 7 and molested by her father, a heart breaking self-realization of direction my life was headed until I broke the repeating generational patterns. You have much stuff is about the stuff we carry, we keep physically, mentally and emotionally and our relationship with not only our stuff but the makeup of relationships within the household. It’s a humorous story that everyone will connect with and ponder. Fuego a poem inspired by a painting and Emotional Release – Two fires in two years. Realizing my emotions was buried deep when our house caught on fire and released when I saw the flames from Waldo Canyon Fire. We were next to be evacuated. I was caught by surprise by what I felt.